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Cosmetic Services


Eyebrow Contouring

For those who want a dramatic looking brow that will appear more exotic with a full arch.

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Color Full Liner-


This procedure is great for those who have blue, green or hazel eyes and want the smoky eye affect. With the two colors we are able to give the eyes definition with one color and smoke the eyes with a second color of aqua, teal or olive green to bring out the natural color of the eyes.
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Full Lip Color

This is a great procedure for those who are looking to slightly enhance the size of their lips.Our lip liner and lip blend will leave your lips looking natural, full and beautiful at all times.

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“Micro-Hair” Eyebrow

This is the most popular procedure we do for a very natural hair-like stroke between your natural hairs. We can also create the appearance of hair for those who have thinning or no brow hair. Please see our gallery.

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Mucosal Liner

This procedure is amazing for those with large eyes who would like to bring out their natural eye color while removing the focus from their sclara (the white portion of the eye). This sexy procedure is very popular among the Indian, Black and Middle Eastern cultures, or those that have large eyes.

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“Kiss Left Lips”

This procedure is for those who have thin lips.We are able to mimic the lips so they look fuller and blend the color into the lips so they look natural.This procedure has gained popularity amongst those who want fuller looking lips without injecting any fills.The results are amazing!

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Full Eyeliner-


This is full liner for upper and lower lids for those who want to look
“made up” all the time.

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Lip Liner

This procedure is great for those who may be happy with the size of their lips but not the shape.Our Lip Liner enables us to reshape your lips.

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Lash Enhancement-


This is a very popular procedure.It is great for those who want to have thicker lashes without the liner showing on the top of the eyelids.You will be able to open and close your eyes without anyone seeing a line.The liner is right between the lashes.

Permanent Makeup Removal

Are you unhappy with your permanent make-up disaster? You don’t have to live with a bad job. We can fix it.
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Restorative Services

Areola Restoration

This procedure is for those who have had a mastectomy and lost their areola. We are able to restore color and shape so you can feel like yourself again.
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Organic “Micro-Hair” Scalp Pigmentation (Price based on consultation)

This is a procedure that covers up the original hair transplant scar or any head surgery,with what looks like real hair. We use a micro needle to insert organic pigments in the scalp and we mimic hair like strokes the will look like natural real hair. This is a very sophisticated scalp tattooing artistic technique. The advantage of this treatment is that it covers up the hair transplant scar fully and without the need for surgery. The procedure is permanent and everyone is a suitable candidate for this hair transplant scar treatment.

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OPM Makeup is the only organic water base pigments company in the market today.

Other companies use iron oxide and alcohol. Our philosophy is to have base make up that looks natural so when you wake up in the morning you will have a beautiful color.

Our cost of service is $500 for eyebrows hair like brush stroke, or eyelash enhancement liner or full natural lips, our service includes unlimited retouch for 1year! Our service is 100% guaranteed, so if you don’t love what we do, we will give you your money back!!!

Other companies charge $450-$1000 and charge for every retouch and the pigments change color after 6 month.

Please call us or Contact Us with any questions you might have.

Additional Services

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