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About Us

Why our Derma Blush® is the best in the organic permanent makeup industry

Our organic inks are made from original formulas that reflect light, leaving a soft appearance that blends naturally with the skin. These inks are known for their stability, longevity, and reliability. The organic inks are healthier and safer for the body and skin. These inks are reliable and safe because the harsh metals, which typically are found in other inks, have been removed. Once the metals are removed from the ink, the organic compound exists as a concentrated natural formula of color.

OPM stays away from the use of metallic inks because the iron oxides and other metals, found in metallic inks, are known to fade quickly and have a tendency to turn an unnatural pink, gray, or green. These unnatural metals can cause various problems like metal absorption and potentially harmful allergic reactions. When iron oxide or any other led based inks are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin, these metals are absorbed into the blood cells, and then interact against the hemoglobin. Unfortunately, the body cannot differentiate between the iron in the inks and the natural iron found in the body.

Therefore, these unnatural metals found in the metallic inks are reportedly absorbed not only into the skin but also throughout the entire body. The iron oxide compounds that are found in most metallic inks are not entirely dangerous; the FDA has approved these inks to be used in different foods, drugs, and other cosmetics. It is important to note that these metals are not approved for implantation in the skin. The metallic inks are extremely inappropriate and potentially harmful when used in permanent makeup procedures.

Derma Blush® looks natural

Our organic pigments natural, safe, and reliable. Applying these inks to the skin, creates a natural shadow of color that allows us to accentuate the features of the face. We are the best at what we do because we have created an exclusive pigment line which follows the Fitspatrick Skin Type chart. All skin undertones are different, Lorine does not believe in a “one size fits all” makeup system.

We work with your skin’s under tone to give our clients the best natural results based on the color and undertones of your skin. In addition, our organic pigments do not oxidize. We guarantee satisfaction, as we are confident your makeup color will not change, or fight with your skin tone. The result is a long lasting natural and softer color on the skin.

Lorine’s expert technique

Lorine’s artistry and experience have given her the ability to give her customers the most natural and flattering results. Her technique is exquisite. Her “Micro Hair” brushstrokes gives eyebrows a natural appearance that accentuate your features and color, rather than drawing attention to them. Her method of applying eyeliner and lip color is precise, and truly artistic. If you desire perfect results, Lorine will work with you to make you feel your most beautiful.


For Professionals: Why OPM is different from any other product on the market today

OPM has invented the Next Generation of organic derived pigment and state-of-the-art permanent makeup machines.  OPM founder, Lorine, has a medical background and her speciality in skin care has led her to become an expert in permanent cosmetics since 1995.  Her permanent cosmetic system is extremely easy to use for experienced make up technicians.  She uses an expanded color pallette for different skin undertones to provide a personalized, natural look. This color system results in a beautiful and refined look.  Not bluish or obviously a tattoo.

OPM Derma Blush® is the best organic pigment on the market today. OPM ink has a much higher pigment load than any other ink, and is an organic derived pigment that is completely vegan safe.  OPM is not packed with fillers as are many of its counterparts. You will see and feel the difference. Once you work with OPM, you will notice the difference right away.

Our machine is an amazing design system. Most machines use the vibration of the motor to move the needle up and down, causing vibration at the tip of the needle as you insert the pigment. That vibration and low speed damages the skin tissue, causing more bleeding, a longer healing time, and loss of pigment during the healing process. With this new system, we use magnetic forces to move the needle, causing great precison insertion. With high speed, the ink is inserted into the skin with minimal damage or trauma. This allows for faster healing, with minimal discomfort, bleeding, and down time. With this amazing technology and easy to use organic color, Lorine has created the best permanent makeup system on the market.